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Historical & Fictional Characters in 

Sophronikos, Son of Sokrates





Antisthenes-philosopher, follower of Sokrates.

Dexileos of Thorikos-(mentioned only-killed in battle-for more click here).

Gryllos/Diodoros-twins of Xenophon and his wife Philesia. 

Hierophanes-aristocrat, horseman, Phylarch of Antiochis.

Iphikrates-famous Athenian general who, along with his well-trained peltasts, inflicted a serious attack on a Lacadaemonian                   garrison at Lechaion.

Kallias-son of Hipponikos of Alopeke; wealthy general commanding the Athenians garrisoned at Korinthos.

Kleinas-son of Axiokhos,  friend/beloved of Kritobulos.

Kriton of Alopeke-wealthy, close friend of Sokrates.

Kritobulos-son of Kriton, a friend of Sokrates.

Kritias-(mentioned only) famous leader of the Thirty, first cousin of Plato's mother Perictione.

Lamprokles-eldest son of Sokrates.

Lysias-metic, orator, speech-writer, younger friend of Sokrates, brother of Polemarchos (murdered by the Thirty).

Menexenos-youngest son of Sokrates.

Myrto-(mentioned only) grand-daughter (?) of Aristides the Just; wife (?) common-law wife (?), concubine (?) of Sokrates. Click here.

Neaira-one of the famous hetairai (call girls) of ancient Hellas. 

Pasion-ex-slave, banker, one of the richest men in Attica.

Phaedo of Elis-freed, aristocratic young man, taken as a slave in the Spartan-Elean war (ca. 402/01 BCE).

Philesia-young wife of Xenophon. 

Plato-(mentioned only), young follower/ admirer of Sokrates, author of The Apology, Krito, Phaedo,

Perictione-mother of Plato, Adeimantos; wife of Ariston, and later Pyrilampes.

Polemarchos-(mentioned only) metic, son of a wealthy arms merchant, brother of Lysias the speech writer, murdered by the Thirty.

Rhamphias-grandfather of Spartan Captain Rhamphias.

Simon the Cobbler-(mentioned only), friend of Sokrates, shoemaker/leather worker.

Sokrates-(mentioned only) son of Sophronikos of Alopeke.

Sophronikos-middle son of Sokrates.

Speusippos-nephew of Plato, son of Eurymedon I.

Theramenes-(mentioned only) Athenian statesman, moderate oligarch, executed upon Kritias' command during the reign of the                     Thirty.

Thrasybulos-Athenian general, led the resistance against the oligarchs/Thirty, restored democracy in Athens.

Tolmides-herald for the 10,000 Greeks marching home in Xenophon's Anabasis.

Xanthippe-(mentioned only) wife (?), common-law  wife (?), concubine (?) of Sokrates.  (Sokrates' family life here.).

Xenophon of Erchia-Athenian aristocrat, horseman, author of the Anabasis, Hellenika, and other works., admirer of Sokrates.







Antikles-son of Glaukos.


Aristodemos-adopted son of Kassandra.

Aristogoros-father of Diokles, uncle to Dexileos and Arrichion, deme Thorikos.

Arrichion-brother of Dexileos, cousin of Diokles, horseman. 

Demaratos of Lepreon-cousin to Nastes.

Diokles-son of Aristogoros, horseman, cousin to Dexileos, young knight

Eris-daughter of Grandmother, sister of Philetor

Glaukos-fiend extraordinaire.

Grandmother-mother of Philetor, Telezia, Eris.

Isidor-son of Glaukos.

Kassandra-prostitute, one of the pornai.

Kleon-son of Kallikles of Kerameis, a potter.

Korinna-young slave girl awarded to Philetor after a lawsuit.

Leocedes-son of Simon the Cobbler.

Lysandra-Kleon's mother, wife of Kallikles.

Melampos-slave on Xenophon's estate in Skillus.

Metias-metic, rich Aethopian merchant.

Nastes of Lepreon-Lepreate soldier (Lacadaemonian/Spartans)

Philetor-son of Kebes of Kerameis, potter.

Pylas-slave, owmed by the metic Timias.

Rhamphias-Spartan captain, son of the famous (historical) Spartan General Klearchos initially in command of the ten thousand                         soldiers Xenopohon writes about in his book, Anabasis.

Simon-grandson of Simon the Cobbler.

Telezia-daughter of Grandmother, sister of Philetor

Teucer of Milos-son of Teleklytos of Milos.

Timias-foreign metic, potter.






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