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Horsehead Nebula

GG Grace

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               ABOUT ME


I like the Walking Dead, Buffy, Wonder Woman, Dave Barry, Bombeck. Read everything from bios on Sokrates to Duke Ellington and Chick Webb to novels by Austen, Woolf, and Kidd. Even read an occasional DeLillo, Erdrich, and Franzen book. Love ancient philosophy too. 


I think tortillas are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Especially with peanut butter smeared across them. I love Italian food.  And Tex-Mex. The speed of technological change sucks. Makes me dizzy, and it's gonna make us all nuts if it doesn't slow down. 


Dogs are good things. And cats. And skunks, provided they're pointed the right direction. And I love ancient Hellas. Love it. I also hate it. It's like a drug or something. I wish people would get along a bit better. I'm tired of everyone yelling and fighting. Just compromise a little, will ya? Gaaa. ¡Ya Basta! 



You can email me if you want. I don't bite. Just be nice:


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