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GG Grace

GG Grace

The Deepest Darkness​



A devoted teacher. A brilliant student. 

One wild ride to reclaim philosophia.


When Joseph Murrieta abruptly appears in Frontier High School's philosophy class all hell breaks loose. Brash, impudent, willing and able to back up his mouth, he spares no one in his search for answers, not himself, not his fellow students, and certainly not Dr. Frank Bonner, the course instructor and a noted classicist.


Before long it becomes obvious to Bonner that young Murrieta is unlike any student he has ever taught. Murrieta's abilities are extraordinary, but they are raw and unrealized and Bonner shortly assumes the challenge of bridling this wild, erratic student's passion in order to hone his exceptional gifts. As Bonner soon discovers, mentoring such a student, though breathtaking and deeply satisfying, comes with a price and he's not sure if he's capable of paying it.

Cover and formatting by AMDesign Studios.

Contact Amanda Matthews or Ann Mauren.

Brilliant work. And fast!

GG Grace

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