Arkadia Land of Pan

Ancient Orchemenos

By Heinz Schmitz Wikimedia Commons

The God Pan playing Pipes by Crane

By Walter Crane Wikimedia Commons

Arkadia. This is a rugged , varied land, as one can see by looking at the photographs. Athenians and many other "civilized" Greeks considered Arkadia a backwater of sorts, its inhabitants simple, rustic, not too bright. Certainly not of the intellectual and sophisticated caliber of Athenians or the Korinthians farther east. All Greeks knew it as an ancient land full of mystery and legend, for here the great god Pan of the pipes lived and danced and sang. Rather than in magnificent marble temples, Pan was worshipped in caves and grottoes and in the wild forests. If you'd like to learn more about the god, click on the illustration to the left.

By Danno1 Wikimedia Commons

By ulrichstill Wikimedia Commons

By ulrichstill Wikimedia Commons